From New York to Italy, from the major Italian Festivals and Clubs to television. She is one of the most enchanting voices on the Italian and international scene: Greta Panettieri, who grew up artistically in New York, is a musician with a volcanic personality who is becoming more and more talked about in Italy and abroad. She is not only a singer and composer but also a multi-instrumentalist - she plays the violin, the guitar, the piano - and is also the author of lyrics for the songs of her colleagues (Gege 'Telesforo, Ainè). The 2015 JAZZIT AWARD consecrates her as one of the best Italian jazz singers.
In 2013, "Under Control" was released, an autobiographical record that tells the transition from the management of a major major to a more creative and independent dimension, where you can finally find the right dose of freedom to create your own music in an authentic way. Among the illustrious collaborations of the disc, the precious one of Larry Williams, famous producer and arranger for Al Jarreau, Michael Jackson ("Thriller", "Off the Wall" and "Bad") and Quincy Jones. "Journey into jazz" is also the title of the Graphic Novel published in December 2014 by Edizioni Corsare, inspired by Greta's adventurous artistic rise during the years she lived in New York: a comic book that traces the beginning of her career with the discovery of his innate vocal gifts, until his return to Italy which marked the beginning of a new professional phase.
In 2014 and 2015 he conquered the press and the public by treading the major Italian clubs and theaters with his "Journey in Jazz" through the songs of his latest soul jazz album "Under Control" and his highly acclaimed "Non Gioco Più" (Italian '60 in Jazz), a record that reinterprets the successes played by the great Mina with a completely new and original style, also proposing the very virtuous piece "Brava" thanks to the excellent vocal skills of Greta who duets with the trumpeter Fabrizio Bosso. A beloved album by Italian radios, "Non Gioco Più" immediately conquered the Italian public by recording a full house in various Italian theaters and clubs, but also in the States on important stages including the Rockwood Music Hall in New York. "Non Gioco Più" is also distributed in Japan by Albore Jazz and Tower Records.
In July 2015 the single "C'est Irreparable" was released, the original version of "A year of love" written by the Italian-French author Nino Ferrer and made famous in France by Dalida, a strong and, in many ways, analogous figure to that of Mina. Greta Panettieri interprets it in the original language, French, which reveals new meanings compared to the Italian version present in her album "Non Gioco più". The single was premiered live on the stage of the Blue Note Milano on July 5th. Together with the single, the video clip was also released, written and interpreted together with the author and actor Massimo Salari, who directed it by continuing a collaboration with her that began several years ago in Perugia, before her transfer to the States Greta Panettieri.
In 2016 the television broadcaster LA7 calls her for more than twenty episodes as a regular guest of the program "L'aria che tira" where Greta performs live for the closing theme song of the program in songs related to the current news of the week. In addition to some participants of the program, including Cristian De Sica, also prominent musicians of the national jazz scene perform with her.
In November 2016 "Shattered / Sgretolata" comes out, this work, composed almost entirely of original songs, is a 360 ° portrait of the multifaceted personality of Greta ̀ and of her virtuous artistic path, which has always gone beyond the definition of genre and style . A declared openness to infinite interpretative possibilities: from the voice and guitar ballad, to the contemporary Brazilian, to the dedication to Bowie with a very personal version of "Life on Mars". This album is made unique and pressing by the great variety of musicians who, between Italy and the United States, have collaborated in its realization: from the three texts written respectively by Claudio "Greg" Gregori, Piji Siciliani and Jennie Booth, to the Brazilians Itaiguara Brandao and Mauricio Zottarelli who have long collaborated with Greta during her New York period, to Francesco Diodati involved in a voice and guitar duo, to the jazz imprint of the saxophonists Max Ionata, Alfondo Deidda and Cristiano Arcelli.
2017 sees Greta protagonist of various national and international tours including two tours in Russia, China and Spain and three national tours with the great Brazilian artist Toquinho. On November 9, 2018 "With Love" the new album as an interpreter was released: a special dedication to her audience for which she revisited the great successes of several authors including Vasco, Phil Collins, Supertramp and Lucio Dalla. In the line-up, the special guest Flavio Boltro.


Over the years he has collaborated with Toquinho, Curtis King, Larry Williams, Diane Warren, Poogie Bell, Sandro Albert, Terri Lynn Carrington, Mitch Forman, Robert Irvin III, Paolo Braga, Toninho Horta, Arthur Maia, Darryl Tooks. In Italy, with Fabrizio Bosso, Sergio Cammariere, Gege 'Telesforo, Flavio Boltro, Max Ionata. He shared the stage with many artists of the Italian jazz scene including Antonello Salis, Marcello Allulli, Francesco Diodati, Daniele Mencarelli, Alessandro Paternesi, Cristiano Arcelli, Stefano Tamborrino, Giuseppe Bassi, Francesco Puglisi, Armando Sciommeri, Daniele Tittarelli, Domenico Sanna, Marco Valeri. Gegè Telesforoche chooses Greta as co-author and guest artist for many of the songs of the album "Nu Joy" published by Columbia Records / Sony music and calls her with him on stage for a long tour that takes her to Umbria Jazz and on the stage of the Blue Note of Milan. Gegè will want Greta next to him also for his next album "Fun slow ride". Gegè Telesforo: "Greta has talent to spare, a visceral and contagious passion for Music and Life, a blinding smile, an extraordinary creativity forged by her omnivorous hunger for sounds and rhythms. (..) Read her story. I was deeply moved, but also amused. The story of a girl from the Italian province who conquers New York with her uvula, told in an original story that reveals the Art and Talent of what, modestly, I consider one of the most amazing contemporary vocalists. " Sergio Cammariere also discovers the great talent and versatility of Greta and she wanted her next to him in her new album "Hand in hand". The singer-songwriter Toquinho also wanted Greta next to him for a series of tours in Italy including a new one in preparation for March 2019. Loved by the radio, Greta has found considerable interest in both national and international broadcasters such as RAI Radio1, Radio2, Radio3, Isoradio ARA Luxembourg, RSI Rete2 Lugano, RKC Paris, Streetcredmusic Radio Shows Chicago. In fact, Greta's participations in Radio2 Social Club were numerous, where her talent did not go unnoticed by Luca Barbarossa (host of the show) who often calls Greta a guest of her broadcast. IL SOLE 24 ORE, INTERNATIONAL, THE DAILY FACT, REPUBLIC, IL TEMPO, IL MESSAGGERO, IL CORRIERE DELLA SERA, TG1, as well as the specific press of the music sector, speak and have spoken of her.


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