Jazz Diva Greta Panettieri celebrates 20 years of her musical career with a new album: "Collection" out december 10th


he showed her incredible talent to the world already. Pop, free jazz, Brazilian Music, Greta Panettieri's eclecticism has no boundaries and has developed thanks to her innate virtuosity and refined charm.

After having collected a long series of sold out shows abroad and in Italy with her last tours "Shattered-Sgretolata" and “ Non Gioco Più”, Greta has decided to enclose her personality and polyhedric talent in a new unique album. 

Out December 10th "Collection" the album, a sweet  remastered edition of her best interpretations, both her well known hits but also some more obscure "goodies" from her first albums.


Greta and her new experimental project "sing-in piano"


ing-in Piano is an experimental project born during the first lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world in 2020. As this tragic period of time has been dramatically changing the lifestyle of many, in some way also gave us some extra time to be creative. Trying to maintain a positive way of thinking is a mandatory responsibility for artists, for themselves, but especially to uplift the spirit of their audience. 

So this is a result of some white nights of thinking….

The idea is to use the natural reverb, created by the sustain pedal of the piano, on the vocals.

Piano and vocals are recorded live at the same time, with the same microphones, no edit, no punching. It is a quite difficult technical achievement but this way the two instruments merge into a one unique voice, creating an unconventional but very interesting sound. No longer a piano and a singer but a SING-In’ Piano.

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greta panettieri sing-in piano Greta during the recording of "Feeling good"


Greta Panettieri has a new album out "With Love"

The new album, arranged in collaboration with pianist/producer Andrea Sammartino is an intimate playlist of some of her favorite songs and a treasure of musical memories. From Vasco to Phil Collins, Lucio Dalla,  Supertramp, Pino Daniele and special guest Flavio Boltro, "The songs we chose to reinterpret are great successes that echo from our past. They have a strong reminiscent power for us and right from the first notes are able to carry us back in time; almost like a quantum leap, making us re-live the same emotions of those years."


Greta protagonist in various national and international tours

2018 started with two important appointments for Greta Panettieri.
In March she toured Italy as special guest vocalist with legendary brazilian singer Toquinho, tour that found great success recording all sold out shows.This round of concerts touched some very important stages, like Piacenza Jazz festival and the Blue Note Milan where the Brazilian singer-songwriter received a Blue Note Award for his 50th year of career, and Greta had the opportunity to share the stage, besides Toquinho, with famous italian singer Ornella Vanoni. Immediately after - from April 6th to the 18th  - Greta left for Russia to introduce her own projects to the Russian audience.
A series of 7 concerts between festivals and theaters, accompanied by pianist Andrea Sammartino and local musicians and big bands.
The public welcomed Greta's performances with great enthusiasm and on many occasions the evenings ended with standing ovations. The second Russian tour is already in the making, as well as a new summer tour with Toquinho that will be soon announced.
The Roman singer is not taking a break though, while she is working on the new album, that will come out around Christmas time, she will meet her fans in several summer events, both in Italy, in China and Europe. Stay Tuned and follow her social pages for updates!


Greta in some shots of her tours

"SHATTERED-SGRETOLATA" out October 22nd Greta Panettieri's new album

'SHATTERED-SGRETOLATA' out October 22nd Greta Panettieri's new album

Coming in October "Shattered/Sgretolata" is the fifth album by eclectic and prolific singer/composer Greta Panettieri.
Made almost entirely of original songs, composed alongside pianist/producer Andrea Sammartino, this  album is a 360 degree picture of Greta Panettieri's eclectic musical persona and her virtuoso artistic journey; a unique journey that cannot be defined by genre or style.


"I'm In Love" - Official Video

I'm In Love by Greta Panettieri, from the album Shattered/Sgretolata. Featuring Francesco Diodati on guitar, written by Greta Panettieri, Andrea Sammartino, Jennie Booth. Director: Massimo Salari
Cameraman and director of photography: Fiorenza Gherardi De Candei
Editing: Andrea Sammartino.
And with the kind participation of Francisco Raffaele Villarusso, Luca De Sario, Massimiliano Barbato and Nelson Manzano.

"C'est Irreparable" - Official Video

The story of an irremediably finished relationship becomes a noir glamourous surrealist video clip produced by Greta's Bakery Music. Filmed in Rome the clip has been written by Greta and director Massimo Salari, eclectic and creative artist who for some months has been curating Greta's image. 

"C'est Irreparable" Greta's new single

Greta goes back to the original version of "Un anno d'amore" (A Year of Love) written by French-Italian singer Nino Ferrer entitled "C'est irreparable" made famous by Dalida, a charming french singer in many ways similar to the character of Mina. Greta Panettieri interprets the song in the original language, French, which reveals new meanings compared to the Italian version contained in the album "Non gioco più " (Play no more).

"Singing "Un anno d'amore" (One year of love) in French has completely transformed the song, different feelings and vibes are declared and therefore my interpretation has completely changed: weather on tour or recording I often sing is different languages (English, Brazilian, Spanish, Italinan) and it's very interesting to notice how the chosen language has a strong influence on the timbre of my voice, the sound emission,  on my gestures and over all on the whole rendition of the song. The research I've done on this song made me focus on a parallel reality between Italy and France of the 60ies, Dalida with her elegance and charisma was to France what Mina was to Italy, inspiring a whole generation of authors and performers.


greta panettieri intervistata dal wall street international


Greta Panettieri links Mina and Dalida with her new single "C'est irreparable"

Esce il 3 luglio c'est irreparable

Singer songwriter Greta Panettieri new single "C'est irreparable" is coming out July 3rd accompanied by related video. The new single will be introduced live at Radio 2Social Club on July 3rd and at the Blue Note Milan on Sunday July 5th, that will also be Greta's first time performing at the famous Jazz Club.



Greta sings "Brava" featuring Fabrizio Bosso

Greta sings "Brava" by Bruno Canfora from her latest album "Non Gioco Più", with Fabrizio Bosso on trumpet, Andrea Sammartino on piano, Giuseppe Bassi on bass and Armando Sciommeri on drums.

"Under Control" Official Video

Greta in her latest video " Under Control " shot entirely in New York. From the album " Under Control" by Greta 's Bakery with Gege Telesforo on drums , Piero Masciarelli on guitar, Andrea Sammartino on keyboards , Neney Santos on percussions and Fabio Capone on bass .

After a sold out tour in Italy Greta goes back to New York

New sold out last Saturday in Naples for Greta Panettieri . In November she will be back in New York for several shows and to shoot a new video. Greta will present "Non Gioco Più" to the american audience, the show has already been a great success among critics and audiences. The album is also been distributed in Japan since last September by Albore Jazz.


Greta Panettieri's interview on "Il Sole 24 ORE"

By 'Il sole 24 ORE' Greta Panettieri in a video interview about her international tour that in the fall  will take her New album 'Non Gioco Più (Italian jazz in the 60's) in Brazil and the United States.

In December will be released by Edizioni Corsare a graphic novel inspired by her  "adventurous" life in New York City  where she lived for 11 years signed by Decca/ Universal and "traveling" from  straight ahead jazz to the experimental contemporary conetxt ,passing through Latin ,Brazilian, Soul and Funk music.


Greta at Roma Summer Jazz Fest


reta Panettieri will be at Roma Summer Jazz Fest introducing to the roman audience her last album "Non Gioco Più". Featuring: Alfonso Deidda on sax and flute, Andrea Sammartino on piano, Francesco Puglisi on bass and Armando Sciommeri on drums. The concert will take place in the famous courtyard of via Margutta that hosted the legendary movie with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn "Roman Holiday". ROMA SUMMER JAZZ FEST: via Margutta 51/A ROMA Doors 19:30 - Start 21:30 Entry 10 Euros


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New Greta's video "Parole Parole" at Doreciackgulp TG1

Vincenzo Mollica featuring Greta's new video "Parole Parole" during his national tv music show.

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Greta's new video "Parole Parole"

Greta Panettieri performs "Parole Parole" from her new album "Non Gioco Più". With Gaetano Partipilo on sax, Andrea Sammartino on piano Giuseppe Bassi on up bass and Armando Sciommeri on drums.

NON GIOCO PIU' Greta Panettieri new album

The project started in early 2013 from the artistic meeting between Greta Panettieri, Andrea Sammartino, Giuseppe Bassi, Armando Sciommeri. Compleating the ensable Alfonso Deidda and Gaetano Partipilo."Non Gioco Più" offers some absolutely original interpretations of the selected songs. Going from a scat ultra Bop version of the song 'Brava' where the theme is doubled by trumpet and vocals, to a  rarefied and emotional arrangement of  'Non gioco più' with surprising harmonic changes lead by the smoothness and energy of Greta's vocals. The immediate success of the project has prepared the ground for a new album ''Non gioco più'.
With the  extraordinary participation  of Fabrizio Bosso, the  album will be released June 22nd 2014.


Greta present Non Gioco Piu' at Radio2 Social Club

Greta introduces her last album "Non Gioco Più" at Radio2 Social Club with Luca Barbarossa, Lucia Ocone, Andrea Perroni e Furio Corsetti from Trio Medusa. Played live "Parole Parole, "Conversazione" e Non Gioco Più" with Andrea Sammartino on piano, Vincenzo Florio on bass e Armando Sciommeri on drums. On air also "Brava" with Fabrizio Bosso on trumpet.


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Non Gioco Piu' release party at Velvet Fashion Cafe'

Greta presents her new album "Non Gioco Più" at VELVET FASHION CAFE' in Perugia. Greta will perform in sextet with: Andrea Sammartino on piano, Alfonso Deidda on flaute and saxophones, Gaetano Partipilo on alto saxophone, Giuseppe Bassi on bass and Armando Sciommeri on drums.



I Just Can't Stop Loving You

Greta performing Michael Jackson's song 'I Just Can't Stop Loving You' from the album 'Under Control'. Shot between the Etruscan Necropolis of Cerveteri and the Northen sea side of Rome. A very poetic story inspired by the life of painter leaving in a semi-immaginary reality... Directed by Gisella Iarini.

Greta's Bakery presents 'Under Control' at 'Brasil' RAI Radio 1

Greta's Bakery plays live at 'Brasil' one of the oldest italian radioshows conducted by Max De Tomassi. Greta's Bakery performed live 'Trem Azul' by Milton Nascimento and 'Aurora' from Greta's Bakery album 'The Edge Of Everything' with Andrea Sammartino on piano. On air also 'Under Control' from the album 'Under Control'.

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Greta performing at Bitter end in new york


From Greta's Bakery new album 'Under Control' Greta Panettieri performing 'Guessing & Surmising' with Sandro Albert on guitar @The Bitter End for StreetcredMusic the documentary film.


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