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  • 19 lug 21

    Greta Panettieri Quartet W/ Max Ionata Max Ionata Sax, Andrea Sammartino piano, Daniele Mencarelli El. Bass, Alessandro Paternesi Drums

    venue Piazza Collegiata
    Radicondoli SIENA

    tickets €10

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  • 25 Lug 21

    Greta Panettieri QuartetAndrea Sammartino piano, Andrea Sammartino piano, Daniele Mencarelli El. Bass, Alessandro Paternesi Drums

    venue Lo Quarter ALGHERO

    tickets €15

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  • 31 lug 21

    Greta Panettieri QuartetAndrea Sammartino Piano, Giuseppe Bassi Up Bass, Alessandro Paternesi Drums

    venue Parco Valle dei
    Templi AGRIGENTO

    tickets €10

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  • 2 SET 21

    Greta Panettieri Quartet Andrea Sammartino piano, Giuseppe Bassi Up Bass, Mimmo Campanale Drums

    venue Villa Longo De Bellis
    BARI Palese

    tickets €10

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  • 4 SET 21

    Greta Panettieri Quartet W/ Roberto Ottaviano Andrea Sammartino piano, Giuseppe Bassi Up bass, Mimmo Campanale Drums

    venue Piazza Pertini
    Isola S. Domino TREMITI

    tickets free entry

  • 25 SET 21

    Greta Panettieri Trio Andrea Sammartino piano, Daniele Mencarelli El. Bass

    venue Teatro Comunale
    Dozza BOLOGNA

    tickets €15

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A DeLuxe album that includes Greta's hits in 20 years of music in an Ultra HD remastered version

Greta Panettieri: Vocals
Andrea Sammartino
:piano, organs & synths
Daniele Mencarelli:
El. bass and Up bass
Alessandro Paternesi - Stefano Tamborrino
- Armando Sciommeri: Drums
Francesco Puglisi - Giuseppe Bassi: Up Bass

Alfonso Deidda: Soprano Sax
Marco Acquarelli: Guitar
Francesco Fratini: Trumpet
Alessio Bernardi: Saxophones
Federico Proietti: Trombone
Neney Santos: Percussions
Paolo Innarella: Flute
Michele Tremamunno, Andrea Rellini, Joele e Lara Micelli: Strings

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Never can say goodbye



A musical history that starts at a very young age, with the study of the violin and piano at the Perugia Conservatory, life in New York also documented by the comic book "Viaggio in Jazz", where Greta's vocal skills are noticed by Universal / DECCA who releases his first album "The Edge of Everything". Followed by the European tour as the opening of Joe Jackson, collaborations with world music greats such as Larry Williams, Diane Warren, Curtis King, Terri Lynn Carrington, Mitch Forman, Robert Irvin III, Toninho Horta, the return to Italy with an amazing tribute to songs interpreted by Mina who enchanted the critics and the professional meetings with Sergio Cammariere and Gegè Telesforo, the many sold out tours in Russia and in Italian festivals, the sold out participations in various editions of Umbria Jazz, up to the lessons at the IULM University of Milan dedicated precisely to vocality.

Greta is one of the best singers I've ever heard, I'm sure she will make a great contribution to the music industry and the world in general ...


Terri Lynn Carrington”



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23 jun

Live 2021

The live concerts of Greta Panettieri with her quartet with special guest Max Ionata will restart on 19 July from Radicondoli SIENA. On July 25 he will be in quartet formation at the JazzAlguer festival in ALGHERO, while on July 31 he will be at the Arcoli Jazz festival in the splendid valley of the temples in AGRIGENTO.

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11 dec

Greta Panettieri: with "Collection" I celebrate my first twenty years of music.

Greta Panettieri, one of the most eclectic and talented artists of our music, celebrates her first 20 years of music in the United States, Europe and Russia. And she does it with a collection with which she proposes her journey in music. She ready to leave. An interview by Fausto Pellegrini for Rai News 24.

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10 Dec

The "Collection" by Greta Panettieri is released with her 20-year career.

He showed his incredible talent to the world. From pop to free jazz, up to Brazilian Popular Music, Greta Panettieri's eclecticism has no limits and has developed thanks to an innate virtuosity and a refined charm ...

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